Home Sweet Homeless International Fine Art Exhibition @ KASK, Ghent, Belgium

April 17, 2013


Does art belong in a context? Does it have a home?
Before it touches all of us who look at it, must it first be immersed in the local colours, flavours, traditions and knowledge that the artist draws from his or her feeling for their country, their climate, their culture?
Is Art only universal when it has first been profoundly touched by the local, the native environment in which the artist came of age?

‘Home Sweet Homeless’ is an exhibition by six international master students at the KASK in Ghent, Belgium, that poses us the question of belonging and origins in art. The artists come from Colombia, Iceland, Iran, Hungary, Norway and the Netherlands, the exhibition is a crossing point of cultures and visions, in a show marked by diversity and innovation both in the variety of disciplines, and in the choice of materials and references.

Alejandra Hernández [CO]
Casper Verborg [NL]
Fatime Molnár [HU]
Jóhanna Kristbjorg Sigurdardottir [IS]
Katja Ebbel Frederiksen [NO]
Nima Bahrehmand (Neema Ba) [IR]

02.05. – 06.05. 2013
Zwarte zaal, KASK, Gent
Josef Kluyskensstraat 2

Exhibition opening: Thursday, May 2nd / 5pm – 9pm
Open: Friday 3rd – Monday 6th / 1pm – 6pm

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